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Back Pain Treatment at Cornerstone Chiropractic in Everett, WA

The first time you try to sleep through the night, do your job or perform your daily household tasks while in the grip of back pain, you understand all too well how debilitating this symptom truly is. Back pain can stem from a number of musculoskeletal conditions, from injuries to chronic alignment problems -- and fortunately, surgery isn't usually necessary to relieve it. Here at Cornerstone Chiropractic in Everett WA, we can get your back pain under control through conservative treatment modalities.

Man with Back Pain

Why Are You Battling Back Pain? A Look at Some Common Causes

Your back has a tough job to do, and most of the time it does it extraordinarily well. This complex assembly of vertebrae, joints, discs, muscles, and nerve tissue (including the spinal cord and its major nerve roots) must conduct sensory and motor data to other parts of the body even as it supports your body through a variety of motions. This complexity offers many opportunities for malfunctions, damage, and pain to occur. Common causes of back pain include:

  • Acute injuries such as heavy lifting accidents (which strain the back muscles) and high-impact injuries (which can dislocate the vertebral joints)
  • Herniated discs that push against spinal nerve roots, producing pain, impingement, and neurological problems
  • Bulging discs and other degenerative conditions that alter your spinal alignment and reduce flexibility
  • Osteoarthritis and other inflammatory problems affecting the spine's facet joints
  • Postural abnormalities related to pregnancy, weak back muscles, or an undiagnosed misalignment
  • Excess weight, which aggravates any stress on the back
  • Repetitive motion strain from overuse of certain muscles in your work or chosen sport

Back Pain Treatment Solutions From Our Chiropractor in Everett

Your back pain may seem like an impossible obstacle -- until you visit Cornerstone Chiropractic. Our chiropractor in Everett, Dr. Lichfield, knows how to isolate the exact source of back pain by analyzing your symptoms and lifestyle, evaluating your spinal alignment, and using X-rays to examine the spine itself. Different types of back pain may require different forms of treatment or even multiple forms of treatment. We can provide a customized back pain treatment plan that suits your needs perfectly. We may prescribe chiropractic adjustments to ease joint and nerve issues, massage therapy to relieve soft tissue pain, orthotic footwear to correct a musculoskeletal imbalance, and other treatments as needed to help you master your back pain once and for all.

Ready to Get Your Life Back? Contact Our Cornerstone Chiropractic Office Today

Your life belongs to you, so don't let back pain push you around. Get the non-surgical relief you seek by calling our Everett chiropractor at 425-379-6301 for back pain treatment!

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