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Back Pain and Injury Alleviated with Chiropractic Care 

Millions of people suffer from occasional or ongoing back pain, and many never seek treatment beyond over the counter pain medications. Here at Cornerstone Chiropractic in Everett, Washington, we aspire to help those individuals discover a life free of pain in a natural way without the need for medications. We use non-invasive chiropractic methods to treat and prevent injuries that cause upper and lower back pain.

Back pain management

Our services are designed to equip and empower the body to rehabilitate itself using manual adjustments of the spine and neck, as well as corrective exercises and massage therapy to help facilitate healing. Chiropractic adjustments encourage the spine, vertebrae, discs and joints to return to a natural alignment that creates a healthy framework to support the body.

We often incorporate massage into our treatment plans to help reduce pain and inflammation, as well as relax muscles prior to chiropractic adjustment. We can also teach you how to adopt a lifestyle that promotes wellness and physical healing, and that could help you avoid a resurgence of pain in the future.

Everett Chiropractors Specializing on Upper/Lower Back Pain

Personal Injury, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, and More

Many of the patients we treat who complain of pain in the upper and lower back are suffering from some type of personal injury. Injuries can occur to any part of the musculoskeletal system as the result of a force or trauma. Examples include auto accident injuries, workplace injuries and slip-and-fall injuries -- all of which can cause joint dislocation, disc herniation and other painful symptoms.

Our office also treats the symptoms of sciatica, which is a set of conditions caused by a pinched nerve or bulging disc in the spine. Sciatica may not only cause pain, but it can also result in chronic numbness, tingling and even a burning sensation in the hips, buttocks, back and thighs. Fortunately, the symptoms of sciatica are treatable with chiropractic treatment.

It is important to visit a chiropractor at the first sign of pain if possible. Letting back pain continue untreated can result in additional complications and worsening of symptoms. It is not uncommon for individuals to experience pain that spreads to the neck and joints, or an increase in recurring headaches and migraines. By visiting our Everett chiropractor, you can quickly find out if your pain is caused by lifestyle habits or an underlying injury, and we can develop a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs.

Left untreated, personal injury pain may become more severe, and it may also become more difficult to treat with time. If you live in or around the Everett area and are suffering from ongoing upper or lower back pain, the symptoms of sciatica, or if you have been injured in a car accident or other incident, make plans to be evaluated by our chiropractor. Even if symptoms are not immediately present, early treatment can prevent the build-up of scar tissue, and may also prevent some symptoms from occurring altogether. We look forward to treating you soon!

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