Experiencing neck pain can hinder your ability to drive, play sports, and engage in various activities or tasks, especially when it becomes severe. Personal injuries, such as whiplash from a car accident or a sports-related injury, can lead to neck pain and stiffness. When you’re eager to find relief and regain your normal routine, chiropractic care can be a valuable solution. At Cornerstone Chiropractic in Everett, our chiropractor can evaluate your neck and upper spine to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Injuries and underlying conditions can be responsible for causing neck pain. A car accident injury, such as whiplash, can induce pain and other symptoms when your neck suddenly bends forward and backward. Sports injuries can also lead to neck pain, especially if they impact your upper spine. Other factors contributing to neck pain include personal injuries occurring in your upper spine, such as muscle strain from improper movement. Underlying conditions like arthritis can also contribute to neck pain, as well as problems with spinal discs or the spine itself, such as disc degeneration or spinal stenosis.

Neck Pain Symptoms

With a neck injury or underlying condition, you may experience varying degrees of pain and discomfort. Turning your head to one or both sides could become challenging, depending on the location of the injury. Whiplash or a similar personal injury might trigger headaches alongside neck pain. If your symptoms interfere with your daily activities, seeking chiropractic adjustments or other chiropractic care can provide relief.

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

Chiropractic adjustment techniques offer relief from neck pain and restore your range of motion if stiffness is present. These adjustments realign your spine, alleviating pressure on affected nerves. This reduction in pressure helps to reduce inflammation, leading to pain relief. Whether a spinal condition or an acute injury is causing your symptoms, our chiropractor can determine the appropriate treatment. Chiropractic care for neck pain provides a safe and non-invasive approach to alleviating discomfort and related symptoms.

Discover Effective Neck Pain Relief in Everett, WA

If you’re seeking relief from neck pain in the Seattle area, reach out to Cornerstone Chiropractic to schedule an appointment at our Everett office. Whether a car accident injury, sports-related incident, or another cause is responsible for your neck pain, our chiropractor can perform spinal adjustments and employ other techniques to alleviate your symptoms. This means you can anticipate a return to your daily activities with improved comfort.

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