Holistic Health Services from Our Wellness Center

At Cornerstone Chiropractic, our wellness center is committed to enhancing all aspects of our patients’ well-being. Our care goes beyond basic pain management and includes holistic health services that promote healthy living. From weight loss to injury prevention, our chiropractic care team can provide a roadmap to a healthier, happier you!

Achieve Optimal Health Today with Our Proactive Wellness Services

Wellness is more than the absence of pain or injury. It is a proactive commitment to keeping the body as healthy as possible. For many of us, a bad habit or two now may not seem like much now. But a lifetime of unhealthy eating, smoking, excessive drinking or inactivity can catch up with us over night. Thanks to high-stress, sedentary lifestyles, millions of Americans suffer from chronic illnesses and pain. The good news is that wellness care can eliminate or greatly reduce nearly every chronic health problem.

Our wellness center is passionate about taking a proactive approach to healthy living. Rather than waiting until you are sick or injured to seek care, wellness care means that you are proactively seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Prevention can be more beneficial and effective by reducing the cost of diseases – both the financial cost and the impact on our health – than waiting until we are ill to seek treatment.

Proactive care at our wellness center is the best way to identify and treat these misalignments before the body suffers. A healthy spine is the foundation for a healthy body. When our spine is properly aligned, the nervous system is able to easily send and receive messages between the brain and the body’s organs.

When a misalignment occurs, the body is at increased risk for illness, injury and fatigue. Sometimes, a spinal misalignment can trigger intense pain sensations. Other times, the symptoms of a misalignment are far subtler. If you are feeling sluggish, tired, or simply “not like yourself,” a misalignment may be the cause. Slowly, your body’s systems may begin to break down, and you will be at increased risk for injury and chronic pain.

Nutritional counseling is also an important part of wellness care. Whether you need to lose weight or simply re-boot your eating habits, our wellness center can help. Even if you are a healthy weight, poor dietary choices may be depriving your body of vital nutrients. Thanks to the deluge of processed foods in today’s grocery stores, it’s all too easy to end up eating foods packed with added sugars, sodium and preservatives. Choosing whole foods rather than processed foods is essential to holistic health and well-being.
No matter what habits you’ve had in the past, healthy living and optimal health are possible. Each day is the opportunity for a fresh start.

Contact us today to kick-start your healthy living lifestyle!

Types of Chiropractic Adjustment
Depending on your diagnosis, there are seven primary types of adjustments a chiropractor can perform on you. These are:
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