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Losing weight and achieving sustainable weight loss in Everett can be a serious challenge. At Cornerstone Chiropractic, our Everett chiropractor and wellness team believe that each individual has unique nutrition needs. That’s why our Everett weight loss counseling provides specific recommendations for your health and lifestyle needs. We don’t believe in a “one diet fits everyone” approach. Instead, our chiropractor will work directly with each patient to design a personalized program that combines lifestyle advice, exercises and nutritional counseling for long-term, successful weight loss.

Lifestyle Advice, Nutritional Products and Exercises Designed Just For Your Body

Like Dr. B.J. Palmer, who developed chiropractic, once said, we “owe our success to results.” Everett chiropractic patients choose Cornerstone Chiropractic because our whole body approach to wellness delivers results. Dr. Lichfield is committed to helping each individual achieve optimal well-being. Our chiropractor does not use medication to “cover up” pain, and we don’t use fad diets to achieve superficial results. All too often, a fad diet denies the body vital nutrients, sending the body into starvation mode. Sure, eating grapefruit for weeks on end can help you lose weight, or just a few pounds, but this loss is unsustainable, and dieters often gain back the weight – and then some – once they stop dieting.

At Cornerstone Chiropractic, we don’t think of losing weight as part of a “diet.” Instead, we look at long-term lifestyle changes for lasting success. And, we don’t follow an “all or nothing” mentality. We help you set specific goals that are realistic, measurable and attainable. Whether your overall goal is to lose significant weight, maintain your loss, improve athletic performance or enhance your well being, our nutritional counseling establishes achievable milestones that help you make progress towards your end goal.

Following an injury, adjustments from a chiropractor can restore alignment to the body. This same principle is true for nutritional products. When we eat the right mix of nutrients and supplements, we bring balance back to our body’s internal systems. This balance is essential to kick-starting your metabolism. Diets that are heaving in artificial ingredients, preservatives, refined sugars and fats send our body systems into a state of toxin overload. A nutritional reboot prepares your body to successful lose weight – and keep it off.

Did you know that the right balance of nutrients and supplements is vital not only to weight loss, but also to helping your body heal? If your body is recovering from an injury, injury-specific nutrition can help speed your recovery. For example, a diet rich in lean proteins will provide the building blocks that your body needs to repair and rebuild soft tissues, including ligaments, tendons and muscles. If you are suffering significant pain due to inflammation, foods rich in antioxidants, such as blueberries and acai, can reduce swelling and inflammation and help manage your pain.

Dr. Lichfield is committed to helping everyone achieve their weight loss and wellness goals. Visit Cornerstone Chiropractic today at (425) 379-6301!

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