Why Chiropractic Care Combined with Massage Can Help You Recover from Injuries Faster

Injuries can happen to anyone at any time. If you’re lucky, they will be minor and heal on their own within a few days or weeks. But what if the injury is more serious? What if it doesn’t seem to be getting better no matter what you do? In these cases, it might be time to seek professional help.

Chiropractic care and massage therapy are two great options that can help you recover from injuries faster. Keep reading to learn more about how these two treatments can work together to improve your healing process and how your wellness journey can start at Cornerstone Chiropractic. We provide quality care for our patients in Everett, Seattle, and the surrounding communities.

How Massage and Chiropractic Care Help Injuries

There are several ways in which massage and chiropractic care can help with injuries. Massage therapy can help increase blood flow to the injured area, which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients essential for healing. Massage can also help to reduce inflammation, which is often a major factor in pain and stiffness.

Massage therapy helps to release tight muscles that can contribute to back pain, neck pain, and overall discomfort. Finally, massage can help reduce stress, which can also interfere with healing. All these factors make massage an excellent complement to chiropractic care for injuries.

Chiropractic care is an effective and natural treatment used to provide pain relief and support the healing process. Dr. Lichfield often recommends including massage therapy to compliment the chiropractic care used to help our patients. We will perform thorough examination to determine if chiropractic care or massage therapy is right for your customized treatment plan.

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Together, these two treatments can help you to recover from injuries faster and get back to your normal life. If you’re in the Everett or Seattle areas and are looking for a chiropractor or massage therapist, look no further than Cornerstone Chiropractic. Call us today at (425) 379-6301 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lichfield.

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