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A well-rounded lifestyle is one that involves an integrative approach to your healing. At Cornerstone Chiropractic, our Everett chiropractor and our team will offer you the latest massage therapy techniques to advance and align all of your wellness concerns. Because postural alignment affects all aspects of the body, one of the most effective complements to your care here at our clinic is the use of massage therapy. Many people are familiar with seeing a massage therapist to assist with neck or back pain. Our therapist can help relieve your pain while working closely with your chiropractor to address your total body needs.

Massage Therapy – the Natural Complement to
Your Chiropractic Care

Our Everett chiropractors strive to provide postural alignment by re-establishing communication between your nervous system and the rest of the body. Whether you are experiencing an acute or chronic health concern, when there is an occurrence of subluxation, several adjustments are often necessary to influence re-alignment. Your spinal column isn’t the only part of you that needs to be moving however. This is where massage therapy techniques can accentuate your healing process.

Our muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons all communicate with the spine as it repositions and realigns. Massage elicits its effects by manipulating soft tissue to enhance function by creating a circulatory, strengthening and detoxifying affect on the entire body. Metabolic waste that often contributes to soreness and inflammation is greatly reduced, allowing for increased range of motion in the spinal column, often resulting in a more beneficial and effective adjustment for you.

You are likely wondering exactly what massage therapy can be used for. With widespread applications, patients find relief from headaches, back pain, neck pain, sleep disturbances, fatigue, fibromyalgia, sports related and musculoskeletal concerns, digestive issues, help with focus and concentration, hormonal concerns and much more.

Ready to apply our integrative approach to your wellness? We look forward to discussing all of your health goals and to complementing your care with the latest massage has to offer.

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At Cornerstone Chiropractic, we are fully dedicated to providing solutions to address your unique needs. This personal care is why people throughout the Everett area come to Cornerstone Chiropractic.

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