Chiropractic Treatment for Headache Pain

One of the things that can most significantly affect your ability to function well in everyday life is having a headache. The pain can affect your concentration, vision, and your ability to get tasks done. Our chiropractic office wants to equip you with the knowledge you need to discover the root causes of your head pain and move past it. Here are some of the causes that have the strongest links to headaches.

What Can Trigger Headaches?

– Neck Pain
When you experience pain in your neck, this indicates a potential misalignment or tension that can lead to a headache if it is not treated. Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to alleviate neck pain that is at the root of your headache. Getting adjustments at the chiropractor or benefiting massage therapy will ease your spine back into alignment or relax the muscles that are leading to the pain you feel. You can also reduce your chance of future pain by changing your position regularly and focusing on your posture when you are sitting, especially for long periods of time.

– Stressful Situations
Over time, experiencing stressful situations on a regular basis can cause headaches. Many people with regular head pain are managing a lot of mental stress, anxiety, or depression that will often trigger a headache at the most inconvenient time. In addition, stress often causes people to sleep poorly, which can worsen the problem.

– Food and Beverages
Dehydration, even in its early stages, can cause head pain, so drinking a glass of water is one of the first lines of defense. Drinking alcohol can also cause pain by decreasing blood circulation. Food additives, like MSG, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners, can trigger headaches in some people. Some people often get a headache after eating aged cheese, which contains tyramine, a substance that can increase blood pressure. And of course, getting too much caffeine or not getting enough when your body is used to it can also lead to a headache.

What other headache triggers have you noticed in your life?

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