“Knead” Help for Back Pain or Neck Pain? Try Massage Therapy!

For hundreds of years, cultures around the world have used massage therapy for health and wellness. Increasing volumes of modern scientific research are now revealing the mechanisms behind why massage provides relief for everything from back pain and neck pain to headaches and depression. In fact, our Everett chiropractor often recommends massage along with chiropractic care because of the many benefits it provides.

3 Benefits of Massage Therapy for Overall Wellness

While there are many ways in which massage therapy promotes overall wellness, these are three of the main benefits we see in our Everett chiropractic patients:

Stress Relief-Massage is a powerful natural stress reliever that helps the body from the inside out. Studies show that at least 90% of doctor visits stem from stress-induced ailments such as heart and blood pressure problems, diabetes, asthma, depression, and headaches. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that nearly $300 billion worth of lost work time and injuries are related to stress. Our chiropractor often recommends massage to patients because it not only helps alleviate stress-related problems, but it can actually prevent stress-induced injuries.

Pain Relief-We have known for a long time that massage releases endorphins, the body’s own pain relievers, right into the bloodstream for drug-free pain relief. New studies show how massage reduces inflammation and pain in overworked, injured muscles at the cellular level. This helps accelerate injury recovery times and improves range of motion, which explains why it works so well for back pain and neck pain.

Immune Booster-Several studies also show that massage can help the body ward off infections by stimulating the immune system. One study concluded that it was particularly helpful for people with autoimmune disorders where the body starts attacking itself. These studies link its wellness and immune-boosting powers back to its stress relieving properties.

Have you ever tried therapeutic massage to overcome stress, back pain, neck pain or an injury? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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