Pain Management for Whiplash

Our Everett chiropractor works to help all of our patients with pain management. Because so many people are injured in car crash, motorcycle accident, and other motor vehicle accidents, we see these patients quite often. Problems like whiplash , neck pain, and back pain are often a part of an accident injury, and are some of our most often seen issues. Many patients say they do not experience signs of injury immediately following their accident; sometimes it takes days before symptoms begin to show.

How Whiplash Happens and How Chiropractic Care Can Help

When your body faces impact where it is moved around at great speed, it causes your neck to hyperextend, meaning it will fly forward or backward with great force causing whiplash. This can happen due to a car crash, but could also occur due to a sports injury accident or the back and forth jolting movement of a roller coaster.

The great force causing the hyperextension may cause only a very brief snapping type motion of the neck. However, the effects of this motion can be felt for a long time if not properly treated. This moment, when the neck moves away from the spine in an unnatural direction, can wreak havoc on the alignment of your neck and upper back vertebrae.

This misalignment of the neck and upper back vertebrae is what causes the pain, discomfort, and difficult in making normal motions with your neck and upper back. Patients will often have what is commonly referred to as a “crooked neck,” meaning that they do not have normal left to right or up and down neck movements. Neck pain and back pain are often the result when a whiplash injury occurs.

Our chiropractors are here to help patients through pain from a car accident or motorcycle accident. We will help with your crooked neck pain by gently aligning your spine and implementing other therapeutic treatments as necessary. Have you ever sought pain management from a chiropractor following a car crash?

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