Benefits of Massage Therapy

Throughout history, people have used massage therapy to help improve their wellbeing and to reduce stress. Massage therapy can also have a therapeutic effect on people and can help reduce pain and tension. Along with having a direct effect on current pain, regular massage therapy can reduce your risk for further injury and illness. The licensed massage therapists at Cornerstone Chiropractic practice several different types of massage, all designed to help you feel your best

Types of Massage Offered at Our Everett Clinic

Our team of massage therapists at Cornerstone Chiropractic in Everett, WA, offer Swedish massage, deep tissue and hot stone massage. They also offer therapy for women who are pregnant. Swedish massage features gentle strokes and kneading to help you feel better while deep tissue massage is slightly more forceful and is designed to help relieve pain from muscle injuries. During a hot stone massage, our therapist places heated, flat stones on your body to help warm the muscles and increase the effectiveness of the therapy.

Massage Therapy Benefits

One of the major benefits of regular massage therapy is that it relieves stress and tension in your life. Too much stress can impact your overall health and wellness, putting you at risk for more illnesses and injuries. During a massage session, you are able to completely relax and forget about your cares and worries. If you suffer from stress related insomnia, getting a massage can help you sleep better at night.

Massage can also help relieve pain associated with a number of conditions. The therapy will not cure a condition such as chronic headaches or fibromyalgia, but it can reduce the pain felt in the short term. Massage can reduce pain associated with temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ) disorders, soft tissue injuries, nerve pain and sports related injuries. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, regular massages can help you feel better.

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