Common Workplace Injuries: Our Chiropractor Can Help!

Anatomy of a Workplace Injury

Do you worry about getting injured on the job? You do not have to operate heavy machinery or perform dangerous physical maneuvers to sustain a workplace injury, even if those tasks may increase your odds of traumatic accident. Sedentary employees working “safe” everyday jobs are also at risk of injuring themselves at work. Let us look at some common types of workplace injuries, and how you might get them:

  • Sciatica – Sciatica is characterized by sharp, recurring leg pains sometimes accompanied by back pain, tingling, numbness in the feet or toes, or functional problems in the affected leg. You may experience these symptoms after falling from a certain height onto your feet, trying to lift something heavy without assistance, or simply from years of poor workplace posture that allowed your spinal alignment to shift and your back muscles to stop providing proper support.
  • Neck pain – If you are struck in the head, fall awkwardly or get involved in a vehicular accident at work, you may have whiplash, a painful condition that may involve herniated cervical discs, pinched nerves in the neck, and torn muscles or ligaments. Chronic neck pain may stem from working at an improperly-positioned chair or monitor, which forces incorrect sitting posture.
  • Hand or foot pain – Pinched spinal nerves in the cervical region can cause pain, tingling or numbness in the hands just as pinched lumbar nerves can cause sciatica symptoms in the feet. Workers may also be vulnerable to carpal tunnel syndrome (hand pain associated with long hours at a keyboard) or plantar fasciitis (foot pain from standing without proper balance or arch support).

Suffering Stiffness or Pain from Work?

Our team at Cornerstone Chiropractic can relieve that pain from work — and help you keep it from coming back. Our spinal adjustment and massage therapy techniques relieve pain naturally, while our corrective exercises and lifestyle advice can help you regain normal function and make healthful adjustments to your work routine.

What kind of work-related injury have you previously suffered?

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