Holiday Weight Loss Made Easier

Weight loss is hard enough any time of the year. But it can seem nearly impossible during the holidays, when unhealthy food options abound and there are countless opportunities to make poor nutritional decisions. Like it or not, the average American gains weight every holiday season, packing on pounds that lead to frantic New Year’s resolutions and promises to shed weight for good.

You do not have to succumb to the weight gain-weight loss rollercoaster that everyone else seems to be riding. Here are some fast and easy tips for continuing your weight loss journey throughout the holiday season:

  • Change the way you see food: as fuel, not a reward.
  • Spend holiday gatherings focused on the people around you, not big meals.
  • Adopt healthy eating habits between gatherings, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables each day.

Of course, you should never feel as if though you are depriving yourself during the holiday season. If you eat well 80 to 90 percent of the time, small indulgences here and there will not sabotage your weight loss results.

Everett Chiropractor Offers Nutritional Advice to Local Patients

Here at Cornerstone Chiropractic, we propose the possibility that our patients can stave off weight gain in the last few months of the year and get a head start on weight loss for the New Year. And we are not talking about fad diet programs; rather, we offer advanced nutritional advice.

We can help our patients establish personal nutrition plans based on our health recommendations. This may include:

  • Increasing water intake.
  • Choosing organic foods when possible.
  • Eliminating processed and genetically modified foods.
  • Taking whole food dietary supplements.

Do you have weight to lose this holiday season? Have you considered consulting with an Everett chiropractor about nutrition and weight loss solutions?

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