Can Massage Therapy Boost Your Health?

When most people think of getting a massage, they imagine going on vacation to a luxurious spa and purchasing a package that includes a lengthy massage along with other pampering. Massage is often associated with the idea of an occasional financial splurge, after which you can relish in a relaxed state for the next 24 hours. In reality, you can also reduce back and neck pain on a regular basis with massage therapy. Massage therapy sessions at our Everett chiropractic office offer real health benefits.

Relieve Back Pain and Neck Pain with Massage Therapy

One of the biggest benefits of receiving regular massage therapy is a decrease in back pain and neck pain. Massage works by releasing the tension in the muscles and ligaments, and for many of our patients it results in a significant reduction in pain. Most people store all of their stress in their muscles, which causes the muscles to tense up and form painful knots. A massage therapist can find those knots and release them by applying varying pressure and using long flowing hand strokes.

Experience Pain Relief with Our Mill Creek Chiropractor

Here at our Mill Creek chiropractor office, we believe that massage therapy is much more than just a splurge. It comes with a host of benefits, including better circulation, lower blood pressure and a decrease in anxiety and depression. It also releases toxins from the muscles and decreases general aches and pains.

The benefits of massage start the moment the session begins because you must focus on relaxing every muscle in the body. Relaxation allows the therapist to more easily manipulate the muscles and tendons, and find the knots and sore areas. In this way, massage creates dual relaxation for the body and mind, reducing stress hormones and allowing you to focus on yourself and your needs, which creates a time of reflection and makes receiving regular massages part of a healthy lifestyle.

Do you believe that receiving massages with an Everett chiropractor decreases neck and back pain and increases feelings of well-being? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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