How Chiropractic Care Can Help Manage Car Accident Injury Pain

Are You in Pain from a Car Accident Injury?

An auto accident can do more than just wreck your car — it can also leave you in serious acute or chronic pain. If you have sustained a car accident injury, you may be searching for a pain management solution that does not involve surgery or drugs. The good news is that you have found that natural pain management solution right here at Cornerstone Chiropractic!

Car accident injuries stem from the enormous forces transferred to one vehicle to another — and by extension, to the occupants strapped into those vehicles. Whiplash, for instance, occurs when those forces propel the head forward and then backward, causing muscle and connective tissue damage, cervical spinal misalignments, and pinched nerves in the neck. As a result, you may experience agonizing neck pain and stiffness, jaw (TMJ) pain, headaches and shoulder pain, not to mention other issues ranging from dizziness to blurred vision. Back pain is another common result of car accidents. Herniated discs and torn muscles can leave you with chronic pain that may only get worse without treatment.

Our clinic relieves these kinds of discomfort at the source, instead of simply masking them with painkillers. Spinal adjustments can put your spinal alignment right again, releasing nerve pressure and abnormal stresses on muscle groups. Massage therapy can improve blood flow to damaged soft tissues for speedy recovery, while corrective exercises can help you regain full, painless range of motion.

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The absence of pain does not mean the absence of a potentially serious injury. Even you feel 100 percent well after your accident, make sure you schedule an evaluation at Cornerstone Chiropractic as soon as possible. If there is a problem lurking in your spinal column, our Everett chiropractor can find it and fix it before that debilitating pain has a chance to strike!

Do you have neck pain caused by a recent auto accident? What other symptoms, if any, are you currently experiencing?

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