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Cornerstone Chiropractic has more than 30 years experience in treating a wide variety of muscular and skeletal problems, including bulging and herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis, whiplash and work injuries, and our treatment options are 100 percent natural. We do not prescribe treatments that involve prescription or OTC medications or surgery.

Our Chiropractor in Everett WA

Dr. Mike, our chiropractor in Everett WA, along with his wife, Dr. Lisa, started Cornerstone Chiropractic in 1999 with the goal of helping patients reduce their back and neck pain naturally. Chiropractic adjustments and other holistic treatment options, including decompression, massage therapy and nutrition lifestyle advice are completely safe and effective at treating a wide variety of accidents, including work and sports injuries.

Our chiropractors will take the time to talk with you about your pain and the suspected source of the injury. As a team, we see a lot of car accident injuries, work injuries and sports injuries. These types of injuries tend to leave individuals with a lot of neck and back pain and loss of range of motion as well as muscle spasms.

Chiropractic Relief in Everett

Receiving chiropractic relief in Everett is as easy as calling our office and scheduling an initial consultation and evaluation. Many of our patients report an immediate decrease in back and neck pain after receiving our chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. That is because we often recommend chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy as a combined treatment option. Massage therapy provides many benefits, including relaxation, pain relief and more effective less uncomfortable adjustments.

Some of our most recent patients describe us as “compassionate”, “empathetic”, “professional”, “friendly” and “welcoming”. We are also well-known for our ability to listen. Our chiropractors only recommend treatments that will help your condition. For that reason, we are one of the most highly recommended chiropractic offices in the area. We can even help you avoid future injuries and pain.

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At Cornerstone Chiropractic, we are fully dedicated to providing solutions to address your unique needs. This personal care is why people throughout the Everett area come to Cornerstone Chiropractic.

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