5 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Believe It: Massage therapy can be as good for your mind as it is for your body.

In addition to easing the pain of sore muscles, regular massage therapy can have lasting and far-reaching benefits for your body and will improve your spirits as well. That’s the not-so-surprising conclusion of a number of studies on patients ranging in age from infants through adolescents to adults and senior citizens.

Therapeutic Effects of Touch

As a complement to traditional chiropractic adjustment, we often recommend regular massage therapy as part of our holistic treatment. First, we subscribe to the theory that human touch, when applied in a safe and professional environment, can be soothing and relaxing. Our massage therapists work on physical ailments, but we also provide the catalyst for relieving anxiety, stress and mental tension and for counteracting depression, allowing our patients to feel renewed confidence and increased happiness.

Additional benefits that can be attributed to a program of regular massage include:

  • A decrease in frequency, duration and severity of headaches; even migraine sufferers find relief through massage.
  • An antidote to sitting! Massage relieves the postural problems and the lower back pain that are an all-too-common complaint for those who spend most of their working hours sitting at a desk, particularly if they focus on a computer screen for the majority of those hours.
  • It encourages beneficial sleep. Massage can help combat insomnia; it can also encourage restful sleep among cancer patients and those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. Massage relaxes fussy infants and children, and often comforts patients who suffer chronic pain.
  • It boosts immunity: A 2010 study confirmed that white blood cell count increases with a massage regimen, helping to prevent infection and disease.
  • Massage is a healing component for patients with sports injuries and following auto accidents and surgery. It is a component of physical therapy and when combined with exercise and other therapeutic procedures it can speed healing and shorten recovery time.

Do you have questions about what massage can do for you? Contact us to schedule a preliminary consultation; let’s see how we can make you feel better.

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