June is Men’s Health Month!

It’s Men’s Health Month in June, and the CDC is encouraging men to encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

We at Cornerstone Chiropractic believe health should be a priority for everyone. It doesn’t take a lot of work to take daily steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Call us today and we will help you consider the improvements most important in your life.

Better Sleep

Millions of Americans struggle with sleep deprivation that affects their work, driving, decision making and more. Getting better sleep can be achieved when men follow a regular schedule that includes 7-9 hours of sleep during the same times each night. Additionally, regular visits to the chiropractor will help your body relax and loosen up for a better nightly sleep.

Drink More Water

Your body requires water for every biological function. Dehydration is hard on the kidneys, bowels, muscles and your whole body system. Drinking more water will help you eat better, while enabling the body to clean out toxins more frequently from the body.

Get on a Healthy Diet

We know, you hate the idea of dieting. Yet, we offer nutrition and weight loss counseling that is tailored to your lifestyle and goals. We don’t believe that one-size-fits-all when it comes to diets – we know every patient is different and we are committed to helping you achieve results without feeling pinned down or restricted.

Lessen the Stress

The pressure of an important job and busy lifestyle is draining. Stress will affect your heart, blood pressure and mental health. To reduce stress to a manageable level, we encourage men to connect socially, get active and take time to relax. Chiropractic massage therapy and adjustments helps the body relax, helping the mind relax as well. We see many patients stuck in the “fight or flight” response because they cannot get their muscles to relax and so their mind is on overdrive as well. Not only will a treatment help you fully relax for those 20-30 minutes you spend in our office, but a properly aligned body will remain relaxed during the rest of your day.

What are you doing for Men’s Health Month this June? Tell us your plans in the comments below and then call to schedule your consultation today!

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