Sports Injury? Get Active Again with Sports Chiropractic Care

Whether you’re training for a running PR or hiking with the family on a weekend getaway, sports injuries can happen to anyone at any time. When a sports injury strikes, our Everett chiropractors Dr. Mike and Dr. Lisa understands that there’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck on the sidelines and missing out on all the wonderful summer activities available to us here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Sports chiropractic care from Cornerstone Chiropractic can help you safely get active again while managing your pain and speeding the injury rehabilitation process.

3 Ways Chiropractic Care Helps Sports Injuries Heal Faster

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to deserve and benefit from professional-level care! Here’s how Everett sports chiropractic care can make a difference for your health:

  1. Heal faster after injury. When the body is injured, the recovery process can seem like a long journey with no end point. Chiropractic care can help speed this recovery by supporting the body’s natural healing process. Our chiropractors follows an integrated approach to care that combines chiropractic adjustments with complementary physiotherapy. This approach improves spinal biomechanics, reduces nervous system interference, and promotes internal healing and speed recovery.
  2. Restore a full range of motion. After an injury, one of the most common side effects is reduced mobility. This is a completely natural response from the body to prevent additional injury. As your body starts to heal, however, muscles can remain sore and stiff. Our corrective care exercises can help you heal faster after a sports injury and bring a fuller range of mobility back to the body. We can also help you improve balance, coordination and flexibility.
  3. Reduce the risk for future pain. While it’s not possible to avoid all injuries, maintaining proper spinal alignment can significantly decrease the risk for many wear and tear injuries to the joints. Our chiropractors can also help you correct any repetitive motions that are unnecessarily stressing the joints.

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