5 Tips for a Fun, Healthy Summer!

Summer is here and while we are more than ready to have fun we want to stay safe while we do it – and we want you to stay safe too. Summer heat can zap your energy and lead to health problems. Today, let us share with you 5 tips to have a fun, safe, and healthy summer.

1. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses – We want you to get sun this summer, since sun increases your vitamin D and protects your bone health. That said, we definitely want you to wear sunscreen, which protects your skin from UV damage. Sunglasses ensure you can see well when you are walking and driving, minimizing the risk of accidents caused by sun in the eyes.

2. Stay hydrated – Heat zaps your energy and can lead to dehydration or heat stroke if you are not careful. Stay safe this summer by drinking plenty of water; aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day.

3. Exercise – Nice weather is the perfect time to exercise outside, which can be much more fun than hitting the gym. Exercise will improve your mood, your sleep, your digestion, and your overall health. There are so many fun ways to exercise in the summer, so go swimming, hike a mountain, go for a long bike ride, or do whatever is fun for you.

4. Eat healthy – We like to think that you should eat healthy all year round. Summer makes it easy to do this since all the fresh fruits and vegetables are in season and at their absolute freshest. Eat simple, healthy and locally-sourced meals by combining fresh produce with lean meats or vegetable protein.

5. Unwind – Finally, take a load off your mind and unwind on weekends or in the afternoon or evening. Destress in the summer to detox your mind and body from the harmful effects of chronic stress.

Have any fun summer vacation plans? Tell us where you are going in the comments.

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