Back to School: Backpack Safety Tips

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It is almost that time again- as summer winds down, the community is getting ready for the back to school rush. Our Everett chiropractor is in back to school mode too! With sports and after school activities right around the corner, we encourage all of our patients to bring the entire family in for back to school wellness chiropractic. Because this time of year can get away from us, leaving our health last, our tips can help your kids stay healthy as they get back into their routine.

Our Chiropractor in Everett Offers Backpack Safety Tips

Is it too long, too wide, are the should straps adjusted and padded? These are a few of the basic questions we suggest parents consider when helping their children choose the most ideal backpack for lugging all of those heavy books and supplies to and from school. This is especially important if your child walks or rides their bicycle to school.

When choosing a backpack, look at your child’s torso- select one that is not wider or longer than their torso. Anything too long can pull down from the shoulders causing stress to the entire frame. Next observe the shoulder straps- are they padded? Padded shoulder straps not only provide extra shoulder support, but are also more comfortable for carrying.

Consider the interior design of the backpack as well. Look for styles that contain several, well-distributed pockets throughout. If your child has a backpack where all contents sit in one large compartment, weight will be distributed unevenly and also tends to shift more dramatically causing stress to shoulders, neck and back. Organizing in compartments keeps supplies and books in place allowing for even carrying and less stress.

And, speaking of carrying- be sure to encourage kids to use both shoulder straps. Carrying backpacks to only one side not only stresses the spine starting from the neck down, but also overall posture that can affect the hips and knees.

We look forward to seeing your family for a back to school visit soon!

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