Holiday Road Trip Travel Tips in Everett

The holidays are just around the corner! If you’re planning to go on a road trip to see family or friends, Cornerstone Chiropractic wants you, your family and loved ones to be safe and be prepared. Follow these tips to have a safe and fun holiday road trip.

Tips from Our Everett Chiropractor

  1. Have an emergency kit in the car. Keep an emergency kit in the car in case you’re involved in an accident. The emergency kit should include food, water, hand warmers, a first aid kit, radio, flashlight and blankets.
  2. Avoid nighttime driving. Driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day. This may be especially true on holidays, when people are tempted to drive under the influence after parties.
  3. Have your car inspected before leaving on a long trip. Take your car to a mechanic before going anywhere. Have your oil changed, filters checked, and brakes and tires inspected.
  4. Avoid unfamiliar routes. Don’t take short cuts, especially during times of bad weather. Take the most familiar route to reach your destination.
  5. Keep your travel plans flexible. Avoid committing to hard and fast arrival times when traveling long distances. This way, you can ride out snow storms and wait for roads to be plowed before continuing on your journey.
  6. Check the forecast before leaving. Whether you’re driving across town or across the state, check the forecast before you go. This way you’ll know what to expect while you’re on the road.

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