5 Things Your Chiropractor Knows About You

Chiropractors use their knowledge of proper human anatomy to study how lifestyle choices affect the health of their patients. Within just a few years of experience, chiropractors immediately start the health assessment as the patient walks into the room. With just a glance, chiropractors can tell the following things about you.

Tech Usage Hours

Hours hunched over a phone, tablet or computer can wreak havoc on your neck and spine. Chiropractors look for the telltale spinal curve and shoulder position that indicates an excessive amount of tech usage. Chiropractors may suggest taking breaks or adjusting posture to mitigate the negative effects.

Your Favored Posture

Over time, your regular posture becomes a permanent part of your being. Even when you sit or stand up tall, your shoulders, neck and back indicate chronic poor posture that can lead to painful skeletal conditions. If you spend a lot of time sitting for work, poor posture may have an even greater impact.

Digestion Complications

Abnormal skeletal curves push your organs together, often causing gastric distress that worsens over the years. Chiropractors can help mitigate the stomach symptoms by loosening your muscles and adjusting your skeletal system. Therapeutic exercises that strengthen your core muscles can also relieve gastric symptoms.

Baggage Specifications

The weight of the bags you regularly carry can pull your shoulder joints and muscles out of position. Chiropractors look at the slope of your shoulders to determine the extent of the damage. Skeletal adjustments can help reverse the effects of heavy baggage.

Sleep Position Preferences

The way you sleep changes the curvature of your neck over the years. The muscles may tighten in response to the angle your pillow pushes your head and neck structure. Chiropractors can focus on massaging the muscles to loosen tightness and restore a healthy curvature.

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