What is Cervical Lordosis? Your Everett Chiropractor Tells All

Cervical lordosis refers to an abnormal or excessive curvature of the upper spine in the neck area or a loss of curvature. This can cause persistent pain, discomfort when performing certain activities and a noticeable curve in the back of the neck. Our Everett chiropractor can treat cervical lordosis with chiropractic care to restore normal curvature.

Causes of Cervical Lordosis

This condition can occur from injuries to the neck and spine in auto accidents. The neck typically has some degree of curvature that is considered normal. Injuries to this area can end up causing this part of the spine to straighten and lose its curvature or bend too much and develop excessive curvature. Other possible causes include changes in posture and musculoskeletal conditions.

Chiropractic Care and Other Treatments for Cervical Lordosis

Cervical lordosis can be treated with conventional treatment methods, such as taking pain medications and wearing a neck brace. Other forms of treatment include physical therapy to help strengthen muscles in the affected area and improve flexibility. In severe cases that do not respond to conventional treatment, surgery might be recommended.

Chiropractic care can also be used to treat cervical lordosis. Our Everett chiropractor can make spinal adjustments to help restore the upper spine’s normal curvature. These adjustments can be used to either straighten excessive curvature or restore normal curvature that has been lost due to an auto accident injury or other cause. Spinal adjustments help bring the length of the spine into proper alignment, including the upper part of it. Depending on results and the cause of cervical lordosis, other types of treatment might be used along with spinal adjustments, such as massage therapy or physical therapy.

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