Headache Relief with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care provides much-needed relief when you are suffering from the pain of headaches or migraines. Our Everett chiropractor uses care to determine the source of your headaches and provides hands-on relief. At Cornerstone Chiropractic, we offer a variety of services to care for you and help reduce your discomfort. Whether your headaches are chronic, connected to a spinal misalignment, vary depending on the foods you eat or are the result of an injury such as a concussion, you can find relief with our chiropractic care programs. Dr. Lichfield speaks with you to uncover any triggers associated with your headaches and migraines. Our chiropractor may recommend adjustments, massage therapy or lifestyle adjustments to combat your discomfort.

Cornerstone Chiropractic Services for Headaches

Gentle spinal manipulations are one of the first options we try to reduce your headache and migraine pain. Our chiropractor may gently adjust the vertebrae in your neck or upper back to take pressure off the nerves contributing to your head pain. If these nerves have been compromised due to a concussion or whiplash, our chiropractor alleviates the pressure from the nerves by positioning the vertebrae into a better alignment. As a result, your pain reduces.

Massage therapy works well with spinal manipulations and can relax muscles that are tense and may be contributing to your discomfort. Tight muscles along the neck always feel better and can ease tension headaches. Plus, a massage therapist reduces your overall stress by giving you an hour of peace in which you leave your concerns outside the door.

Lifestyle adjustments may include a re-positioning of your workstation to reduce stress on the back of your neck or upper back. We may also evaluate the foods you consume to see if any of these are triggering your headaches or migraines. Our health team at Cornerstone Chiropractic helps you set up a healthy nutritional program which will give you better feeling days.

Do You Suffer From Headaches or Migraines?

Our chiropractic services are a natural, drug-free way to reduce your headache and migraine discomfort. Please call us today to learn more about our headache treatment services.

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