Steer Clear of These Common Office Injuries

You may like to think of your quiet, peaceful office workplace as a relatively safe haven from physical hazards — but that doesn’t mean your job can’t hurt you. A typical office environment offers plenty of opportunities to develop aches, pains, and functional problems, either through sudden incidents or over a long period of time. Here are some of the top office injuries that might plague you, along with tips for protecting yourself against them.

Slip and fall injuries

Slip and fall injuries are the most prevalent form of injury on the job, and office workers are more than twice as likely to experience them compared to employees in other environments. It takes nothing more than an invisible water puddle on a linoleum floor to create a painful fall, leaving you with back, neck, or extremity joint problems. Unstable chairs are another cause of falls, especially if you should be standing on a ladder instead. Keeping floors dry, watching where you walk, replacing wobbly chairs, and using ladders properly can help you stay accident-free.

Lifting injuries

You may have to lift a bulky, heavy object at work — and when you do, watch out for your back. Lifting while stopped over, especially without help, is a leading cause of strained back muscles and herniated discs. Always recruit assistance for heavy lifting jobs, bending from the knees while maintaining a straight spinal posture. Keeping your back muscles strong and your vertebral alignment in good shape will also make you less prone to back injuries.

Repetitive motion injuries

Does your office setup require you stretch or twist your spine in unnatural ways, sit with your legs or feet at odd angles, or drop your head to read your monitor? Poor office ergonomics can lead to many kinds of chronic strain. If you perform the same motions over and over, or for many hours at a time, you can create chronic strain in muscles and tendons that eventually turn into such painful conditions as plantar fasciitis, shoulder or elbow bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Rearrange your office so frequently-needed items are close at hand, adjust your monitor position so you can keep your neck relatively straight, take more frequent breaks from these repetitive tasks.

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